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Cocktails: What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

Do you love to sip on a deliciously crafted cocktail while enjoying a night out? Well, what if we told you that your drink preference could reveal more about your personality than you ever imagined? Whether you’re a fan of sweet and fruity concoctions or bold, bitter blends, your go-to cocktail could say more about you than you realized. Join us as we take a deep dive into what your favorite cocktail from The Easton’s extensive menu might say about your unique personality. 

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Easton offers a vast array of mouth-watering cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds and give you a glimpse into your true self.

So, grab a seat, and let’s explore the fascinating world of cocktail psychology together!


The Classic Cocktails

If you prefer classic cocktails like the martini or old-fashioned, you are a refined individual with a taste for timeless elegance. You appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy a traditional approach to cocktails. You’re sophisticated and elegant, and you value quality over quantity. You appreciate the art of mixology and are willing to pay a premium for a well-crafted drink. You may also be a bit of a traditionalist, as the martini has been a staple of the cocktail world for over a century. At The Easton, the signature martini is a must-try, made with Kettle One vodka and a twist of lemon.


Tropical Cocktails

If you are a fan of tropical cocktails like margaritas or mojitos, you are an adventurous person who enjoys a bit of spice. You are outgoing and not afraid to take risks. You’re comfortable in your skin and don’t need to put on airs. You’re also bold when trying new things, as the margarita is a versatile drink that can be served in various flavors and styles. 

The Easton offers sweet, fruity, and refreshing tropical cocktails that are perfect for sipping on a hot summer day:

Piña Colada: Made with coconut cream, pineapple juice, and rum, the piña colada is a classic tropical drink perfect for sipping on the beach.

The Easton Margarita: A spicy margarita that packs a punch, made with mazcal, lime juice, and agave nectar.


The Trendy Cocktails

If you are a fan of trendy cocktails like the Cosmopolitan or lemon basil gimlet, you are a stylish and sophisticated person who likes to keep up with the latest trends. You enjoy socializing with others and being seen in the hottest spots in town. The Easton’s lemon basil gimlet is a refreshing and trendy option, made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, fresh basil, and lemon juice.


Signature Cocktails

If you prefer signature cocktails like Easton’s Manhattan, you are a confident and assertive person with a natural leadership quality. You enjoy taking charge of situations and are fearless in speaking your mind. Some of our signature cocktails include:

Bubble Pop Electric: Made with Tito’s Vodka, Don Q Coconut Rum, coconut water, fresh lemon, and a Dum Dum Bubble Gum Lollipop, the Bubble Pop Electric is a sweet and unique cocktail that is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Cabana Livin’: Made with Hendricks Gin, Prosecco, red berries, mint leaves, and fresh lemon, the Cabana Livin’ is a refreshing cocktail perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day.

Leave Him on Red: Made with Bulleit Bourbon, Crème de Cassis, ginger, honey, and an edible flower, the Leave Him on Red is a trendy and one-of-a-kind cocktail that is the perfect choice for a night out with friends.


Unwind with a View: Sip Delicious Drinks at The Easton’s Rooftop Pool Lounge

Now that you know what your favorite cocktail says about you, it’s time to unwind with a delicious drink at The Easton’s rooftop pool & lounge. With stunning views of Fort Lauderdale, this is the perfect place to relax and soak up the Florida sunshine. Our cocktail menu offers various options to suit all tastes, from classic to signature cocktails. Come and try our unique and delicious drinks while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. 

Whether you seek a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life or wish to celebrate a special occasion, The Easton’s rooftop pool lounge is the ultimate destination.